Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks are a part of every online business. Whether an order is delivered late, the item doesn’t meet expectations, or the consumer simply wishes to try and game the system, managing disputes is complicated. Protecting your merchant account and keeping it healthy involves understanding the different kind of chargebacks, how they flow through the system, and what you can do to fight them. 

What is chargeback protection?


A customer files a dispute for a transaction you have processed under a specific reason code.



You are alerted to an incoming dispute made by the customer before it becomes a chargeback.



Within a 24 to 72 hour window, these transactions can be refunded before becoming a chargeback.



The customer receives a refund and your business is saved the hassle of dealing with a dispute.

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The majority of services in the industry are set it and forget it products. While this certainly helps, it isn't a long term solution.

Fighting friendly fraud and disputes is more about optimization and having the right team than signing up with a white labeled software solution.

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